About Pi Boards

This site is all about Pi Boards and linux software to make them do awesome things.

What is a “Pi Board”?  Well, generally speaking they are small single board computers (SBC) intended for teaching software and for maker projects, such as home automation, media centers, file servers, robotics, and whatever you can dream up.  Typically, to be a Pi Board, the SBC should have a programmable General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) interface, often the 40 pin style of the recent Raspberry Pi models.  Often, but not always, the SBC will have an ARM based system on a chip (SOC).

What is Linux software?  Well, this refers to any software that will run on a Linux based operating system.  For Pi Boards, we are concerned with software that runs on the Linux distributions Raspbian, Armbian, an Ubuntu flavor, and even Android.  There are myriad software programs for Linux, many of which take some skill to get set up.

Who is the author of Pi Boards posts, Mike Wilmoth?  For starters, he is a guy that loves working with Linux and computers, and so it follows that he developed an interest in pi boards.  He has used Linux at home and worked with enterprise Linux systems for more than 15 years, during which time he has seen the incredible reliability, adaptability, and power of Linux on both a ‘big iron’ and even on cheap commodity hardware.  Home automation interests him insofar as it makes life more convenient, saves money, and enables more productive results in the garden.  He’s been known to have a little fun from time to time, so Pi Boards and gaming also have his interest.  Mike is known by some as a software solutions delivery lead, a consultant, a project manager, an ETL guy, a data guru, an analyst, and once upon a time a soldier.  Mike sees that rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is underway and Linux Pi Boards will be an important part of that.  Mike is reachable via the contact form on this site.

Pi Boards requires money to operate, so the site does make use of affiliate links and ads which generate a small commission that will go towards operating the site.  Mike will do his best to keep the links and ads relevant and helpful while minimizing distractions.  If you find this site helpful, please click on a link.